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La Belle Inutile

La Belle Inutile is a small but essentially international group that was formed in the early 2000s thanks to the deployment of the Internet and the World Wide Web. The particularity of the group is the attention it pays to recent and notable developments in science and technology since the last years of the 20th century, to experimentation and use of digital tools in the artistic field and to the taking into account of recent scientific data in the general and theoretical aspects of surrealism.

La Belle Inutile developed links and friendships with all surrealists who work on a similar playing field and develop similar activities.

Regarding Surrealism

What will be...

Regarding today's Surrealism:  English           French


Texts about possible orientations:  English           French


Collective works, Methods, Projects and Games:  English           French

When the liquid of the veil is the spoon of the mirror
J. Karl Bogartte

Swan's down, the thief is approved
J. Karl Bogartte


ARS stands here for the entire set of human activities in a similar understanding and meaning as in the Middle Ages, later on during the Renaissance and actually as late as the end of the 18th century. In other words, until Capitalism had finished breaking down the whole scope of human activities to suit its own needs in order to regorganized them according to its own perpective.


Art has no other source than hallucination.    English and French


Scientists only work to make their daydreams irrefutable.     English and French


The pure waste of engineering teams internal games used by capitalists to wage their daily class struggle.     English and French

Before J. Karl Bogartte's website is finally rebuilt...

La Belle Inutile is pleased to offer you a little exhibition of J. Karl Bogartte's most recent images.

Like a lute she was a pale version of night
J. Karl Bogartte

Dragging Quantum Theories Out Of Doubt
J. Karl Bogartte

the lascivious time superior threading
J. Karl Bogartte

J. Karl Bogartte

Waking Up Beside Yourself Again, And Again
J. Karl Bogartte

Your breath takes on a rose for mingling
J. Karl Bogartte

And a prose poem

What can you see...

The dimensions of a glance
J. Karl Bogartte

A Kiss Between Flowers and Explosives
J. Karl Bogartte

leaving messages of espionage with profound sympathy
J. Karl Bogartte