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Point de Suture

Science, Technology, Fine Arts and Industry, the current representations of which force us to perceive as clearly separated, not to say partitioned or sometimes even opposed activity fields, originally were considered as different facets of a single set of practices that the Middle Ages used to call the Arts.

Matta's painting entitled Point d'Appui designates both the need for human thought to lean on something and, using the same words, the fact that human thought is denied any support anyway.

Similarly, the title Point de Suture expresses both the idea that gaps and wounds that have opened between the various fields of culture are supposed to be "the ransom of progress" and hence may not be reabsorbed and using the same words, the idea of reunifying culture by suturing these gaps and these wounds in order to put an end to the religious myth of Babel. This text translates in the field of culture Barrett Erickson's surrealist idea of a seamless consciousness. Arts and Trades have not always been crumbled arts...
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L'Or du Temps

Morality is Short-sighted

Everything happens as if we were led by behaviors originating from different, and so to speak sedimentary, deposits of Biological Evolution.

The various repertoires of behaviors bequeathed to us by Biological Evolution (and perhaps should we rather speak here of attractors of behaviors) don't need to be consistent. It is enough them be useful during geological periods, where, depending on adverse circumstances, the implementation of opposite and contradictory solutions can be valuable for the survival of a species.

Considering things well, it would even be quite harmful for these repertoires of behaviors to be consistent, because History itself – the vagaries of which they shall help to confront – is neither logical nor coherent...
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3 pages by Bernard Stiegler

As I often approach books by the end, I happened to first read the last 3 pages of Stiegler's fundamental book, La Technique et le Temps. These pages are part of an afterword added by Stiegler in March 2017, and I was very surprised to find several references to surrealism in them. I was struck by the fact that this man of many fights, came to conclude that, intellectually speaking, the only way out of the ongoing disaster may be Surrealism. A technically armed surrealism, encyclopaedic, open to technology, to its risks and its struggles, a surrealism determined not only to dream, but just as much to make its dreams come true. A surrealism determined, in an alchemical approach to work the world.


Three pages by Bernard Stiegler


Dreaming Outside of a Dream

Postures and Impostures

The way the so-called “Far left” has forgotten the most basic intellectual heritage of the labor movement is increasingly astonishing…

Around the 1900s, anarchists practiced "individual recovery". The underlying idea was that what is produced by the workers – that is to say Everything – rightfully belongs to them and hence may be taken back. The revolutionary interest of such practices is doubtless debatable, but their theoretical justification cannot be, unless we recognize that we are now acting and thinking outside the framework of the Labor movement. After all, a communist revolution is nothing but the collective recovery of the products of the producers' labor by the producers themselves.

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