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DessX - Bogartte


Collaborations are essentially games - visual or textual or both - based on a given theme. The target is usually not to produce artworks (althougn that may of course happen) but rather as collective activity between visual artists and-or poets, for the sake of it. Collaborations started almost as soon as the WWW was open to the general audience, that is, around 1997-1998. While originally collaborations results were presented as web pages, some of them are now sometimes presented as books
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Collab Oblivion - Presentation     Collab Alphabet - Book

Collab Alphabet - Presentation     Collab Alphabet - Book

Previous Collaborations - 1997-2017

Surrealist Methods

Methods are a core part of surrealist activities. They should be considered as such as a creativity area of the same importance as other surrealist activities. This is so true that within the Collège de 'Pataphysique two specific activity domains have been created called Ouvroir de Litterature Potentielle (OULIPO) and Ouvroir de Peinture Potentielle (OUPEINPO) dedicated to research and invention of new methods in literature (OULIPO) and in painting (OUPEINPO). While the OULIPO produces works, the OUPEINPO is meant as a pure engineering activity and does not produces artworks, but only examples intended to check the validity of the methods it creates.

Automatic Reading

Automatic Reading - Principles           Automatic Reading - Example

QR code poems

Full description and example

Montparnasse Game

Starting with any text, the idea is to recursively insert more and more text based on automatic reading.
Example - based on French text

Historical Methods

Photogrammes, collages, assemblages, cadavres exquis, frottages, fumages, grattages, décalcomanies, boxes etc...

Visibility is dangerous - Bogartte

The Dark Terrace - Zazie


Projects are long term activities, things that have long been haunting the mind, and that may lead to finished and fascinating results one day or maybe not, but with the idea of adding bits and pieces to the project, each week, each month or even each year.
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Encyclopedia Novalia

A project common to Pierre Charp (Pierre Zimmermann) and myself. Pierre Charp's father is the surrealist painter Jacques Zimmmerman (A friend of Jacques Lacomblez and many other Belgian surrealists). As Pierre Charp faced problems with getting an article about his father accepted by Wikipedia we both decided to create an alternative Encyclopedia describing a mixture of imaginary worlds and glimpses of this one... We both started to work, but Pierre Charp died in the meantime.
It is hence my wish to re-start this project.

Imaginary world

This project has long been haunting my mind... It's a kind of twin project of Encyclopedia Novalia, but implemented as a trip through different imaginary countries (or even less imaginary countries) based on clickable maps (technically, HTML Image Maps). As making maps is a more than bit of work, I started to generate some of them based on AI image generators.

Surrealist Games

Surrealist games are certainly a way of having fun collectively, but not only, and even far from it. These games are above all experiments aimed at elucidating the real functioning of thought. A first phase devoted to one or more experiments with the same game is normally followed by a phase of analysis of the results. In recent practices, this phase of analysis is generally forgotten, which leads to "surrealist games" that actually no longer have anything surrealist about them.
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Examples of Results of Historical Games

Atelier André Breton

Insurrection - Zazie

Insurrection - Zazie