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This is an art platform for uninhibited imaginative artists as well as a resource for the student of surrealism. If you consider your art to be "surreal" or in the spirit of surrealism, submit your site for review and possible inclusion.




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  • Anjo Lafin

    Surreal alternative art of Anjo Lafin.

    Owned by theclown
  • Imaginative Pencil

    Framed Art Prints, Custom Portraits, Posters, and more featuring the surreal and visionary art of Justin Michael Jenkins.

    Owned by JMJ
  • Vladimir Moldavsky

    Digital images from Vladimir Moldavsky, Odessa, Ukraine

    Owned by jude
  • Surrealism and contemporary surrealist expression

    Visual and verbal automatism

    Owned by coconut
  • Ethereal Art of the Goddess by Marcia Snedecor

    Archetypal and symbolic oil paintings and drawings.

    Owned by marcia
  • Keiran Gordon

    My works that deal with eroticism in the playground of the subconcious.

    Owned by Keiran Gordon
  • Alex S Jobbagy

    Alex S Jobbagy is an artist and multimedia designer living in Melbourne, Australia. In his art, Alex is committed to exploring the subconscious, often in classical realistic representation, while developing a symbolic process of social analysis based on a fusion of personal experiences and political, social and natural influences.

  • Staiboz

    Enter the surrealistic art of Tobias Brown, a.k.a. Staibo. This site peers into a life time of drawings, poetry and thoughts from my sketchbooks titled " Just Stuff"

    Owned by Tobias
  • Bonny Hut

    Emotive, surrealistic, photo-realistic oil paintings of Artist, Bonny Hut.

    Owned by Bonny Hut
  • Cathy Horner

    Often whimsical and nostalgic, these images were created using vintage and handmade papers, old photographs and various artistic techniques, resulting in rich textures and colors

    Owned by Cathy Horner
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