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This is an art platform for uninhibited imaginative artists as well as a resource for the student of surrealism. If you consider your art to be "surreal" or in the spirit of surrealism, submit your site for review and possible inclusion.




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  • Grant Hanna - Surrealist

    Now a full-time painter, Hanna’s superbly executed works reveal impressive draughtsmanship and skilled manipulation of paint, combined with a uniquely dry, witty sense of humour. As with other surrealists, Hanna’s imagery is often a bizarre interpretation of the familiar, reminiscent of dreams and metamorphosis. Like other surrealists, Hanna juxtaposes objects and images in irrational ways and employs realistic representation to heighten the incongruities and at times, surprise, his audience. Hanna’s paintings and drawings are held in private and public collections in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom.

    Owned by granthanna
  • Cameron Haldane | Online Art Portfolio

    I would describe my work as surrealist and abstract in nature. My work is often bright, colourful and vibrant but occasionally dark and sinister. My work blurs the lines between dream and reality. I like to take everyday objects then change or distort them in some way or form in my paintings, challenging reason and convention. I like to create images you might not expect. Some of my work has deeper meaning while others are more freeform dreamscapes of imagination.

  • The Art of Michael O'Gorman

    The official website of British artist Michael O'Gorman, whose surreal oil paintings have invited comparisons with Salvador Dali and Hieronymus Bosch.

    Owned by Michael
  • Home - Visual Art of Bryan Kent Ward

    oil paint, pen and ink, mixed media etc.

    Owned by brainwar23
  • Rob Stiphout

    surreal and fantasy art

    Owned by Rob Stiphout
  • The Terrible Art of Joseph Donald Myers

    My art blog.

    Owned by DonGalaxy
  • Felix Baky

    Felix Baky gallery. Etchings for sale

    Owned by Felixbaky
  • Documento senza titolo


    Surreal exploration.

  • Jane Lewis

    My work is a personal narrative expressing the relationship between conscious thoughts and an inner world.

    Owned by janelewis
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