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This is an art platform for uninhibited imaginative artists as well as a resource for the student of surrealism. If you consider your art to be "surreal" or in the spirit of surrealism, submit your site for review and possible inclusion.




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  • Surreal Paintings

    "If I ever make a good painting, I will be excused for being a painter." (Gyuri Lohmuller). Self-educated painter, having exhibitions in Austria, Germany, France and Hungary, is willing to share his inner world. His paintings reflect his deepest emotions. "The emotion", he says, "is Art."

  • Mindz Eye Studio

    Gallery of work by Rick Hutchinson

  • Kurt Kohl

    Collection of my varied works.

    Owned by Khuriit
  • Don Metke assemblage artist

    Striving to connect the abstract within some realm of reality, Metke constructs his imagery in three dimensional wall pieces attempting to seduce the curious with intricate relationships and craftsmanship to allow and invite further contemplation.

    Owned by Don Metke
  • A.Chehade

    travail surrealiste entre 1995 - 2005 \r\nhuiles - gouaches - dessins

    Owned by A.Chehade
  • Morbideus Gallery Necromantic Art

    The Creepy and unusual Art of Morbideus

    Owned by Morbideus
  • Georg Broe - Danish surrealist

    Danish surrealist (1923-1998) A surreal treasure! - This homepage displays a minor selection of the paintings. His Documentation Collection consists of 272 colour slides and a number of exhibition catalogues etc

    Owned by broe
  • Cenegal Art Gallery

    Surreal and Egyptian oil paintings

    Owned by istvan
  • Manfred Silner

    Surrealistic oil paintings and limited editions of graphical works

  • Tom Repasky

    The 3d and 2d art of Tom Repasky, surreal and abstract, explorations of the human psyche through metaphysical surreal digital art.

    Owned by Tom Repasky
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